Managing a Moving Sale

Relocating to another location is not an easy task as it involves taking care of hundreds of things and ensuring that everything goes according to the plans. As an individual, we are often drawn to things and accumulate even those belongings that we do not need. This leads to cluttering of our living spaces.

For any move to be successful, it is necessary that you have a clear idea of which belongings you are moving and which you are not. Moving lesser belongings will not only make your new home less cluttered, but it will also mean shelling lesser dollars on your move. Moving sale is one of the best options when you are planning to dispose off your unused belongings. A moving sale not only helps you clear your mind (and space), but also helps you earn some quick bucks by selling old and unused household stuff. Here are few tips that will help you manage your moving sale in an effective manner –



  • Planning in advance is a key to a successful garage sale. It is recommended to start planning for the garage sale at least 3 weeks in advance. Start with creating a checklist of what belongings you want to sell and checking with the local authorities for any rules and regulations, restrictions and tax liability regarding moving sale. Once you are done with the basics, engage in procuring the packing material and other stuff that will be required for the garage sale.
  • In order to ensure that your belongings find customers, it is necessary that you pack them in their original packing. In case you do not have the original packing, ensure that you pack them attractively so that they do not look out of place. Clean the belongings and pack them with user manuals, whenever possible.
  • Most people think that holding a moving sale on weekends will attract more people. However, to ensure that you attract maximum buyers, stay away from holiday weekends as most people tend to travel when they have an extended holiday weekend. Normally, the mid week and Friday are the best time for a garage sale.
  • Since organizing a garage sale is not easy, you must ask your friends for help. If you have kids, assign them the task of circulating brochures in the neighborhood and creating posters.
  • Advertising your moving sale is very important as this will enable more people to know about the sale. Apart from advertising in the local newspaper, you can also post about the moving sale on various free ad websites. While advertising, one thing you should keep in mind that promote your sale as a moving sale as promoting it as a garage sale might give an impression that you are selling defective goods.
  • On the moving day, prepare the venue in a manner that attracts the buyers. Keep related things together and it is wise to categorize the belongings as per the room. Make sure that there is a price tag with every item that you have put on the display.

Most of the belongings that we have at our homes are in good working condition. It is just that we update them with new technology and stop them using. Such belongings can be of use to a lot of people and moving sale allows you to earn by selling you the belongings that you already have. Keep these tips in mind and organize a successful moving sale.

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