Fun Packed Basement for Jamming

Music has been my passion since my early childhood. As long as I know, I have been mesmerized with the greatest guitarist of all times from the band Guns n Roses ‘Slash’. One didn’t need to ask me,what kind of music I like, since my room had a big photo on acrylic print on a wall of my all-time favorite Slash. Naturally, I got into learning guitar playing and now I am a member of a band ‘under construction’. Since I made sure that my studies don’t get affected in any way because of my hobby, my dad and mum have always been supporting for my love towards music. While in university, our ‘under construction’ band started jamming to get in the rhythm for getting a chance to perform somewhere in local pubs and clubs. One of our band members had a garage which was not used to park the car and so we started using that place for jamming, until things got really noisy. So the search began again for finding a perfect place for jamming and that is when my dad asked me to use the basement we had, which was being used as a storage area.

The big task of cleaning all the mess and then getting it all ready for jamming was an amazing experience and kind of opened a new side of my personality that I had no idea about. So first task was to clean the whole basement and deal with all the things inside. Since the task was quite huge I took help of few of my other friends as well and started sorting things that need to go to garbage and the one’s that needed to stay. My dad was monitoring things so that we don’t need to come running up to ask about everything if it stays or goes. Once sorted, garage sale was announced around our neighborhood and for that we moved nearly everything to the garage over a weekend. I was not expecting what was coming, because the money that dad got from the sale, he gave it to us for expenses that we may had to cover to make a good jamming place for our band.

With quite enough budget and resources we started with the task at hands. We got a ventilator installed as a first thing for continuous fresh air which also got the particular basement odor out. After cleaning the place thoroughly we painted the place with combination of black and blood red. Once done with the walls, we decorated the walls with our band’s logo on a huge size metal print. We didn’t need our noise to inside house so we covered the entrance door and whatever area we thought will help us reduce the noise sound proof foam of dark grey color. That perfectly blended with our color scheme. The most amazing thing was that when our other friends saw us making a jamming place, they pitched in and brought many things like video game machine, football game and many other board games for a perfect place to hangout. We made a small bar in one of the corner for incase we plan a party. Next came the lighting fittings and that too were either courtesy of friends or things already there to be fitted.

Since then, we had been jamming like anything, with few parties thrown as well when parents were not around. The satisfaction of having a jamming place, studio and hang out place under one roof is just bombastic.

Scharyar Aly is a professional informative writer. He writes about places to be,digital canvas printing and interior decorations. 

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