All You Need to Know About Replacement of Windows

Replacing older windows is a big and costly task so you would not want to make a wrong decision. This article introduces to you certain things that you need to know when replacing or planning window replacement.

Replacing windows saves energy

Yes! Your home’s energy efficiency can be improved by installing new windows. And that pretty much is a good reason to install new windows.According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 10 to 25 percent of your home’s heating bills are due to the heat loss from inefficient windows.

Window Types

Selecting the types/designs of windows and the material of windows is the most important decision, for the life, durability and other important factors are dependent on the material of the windows.

Here’s a look at some of the common window styles available:

Horizontal sliders or gliders

Horizontal sliders carry a track within the window frame on which the window slides back and forth horizontally and feature sashes that open and close on such sliding. Only one side of the window can be opened at a time.

Double hung

This is probably the most popular window system in American homes. It features two sashes, panes of glass suspended in frames that overlap slightly and move vertically in the window frame.


Awning windows open outward from the top as they are hinged at the top. This gives them an appearance similar to an awning.


Hopper windows open outward from the bottom as they are hinged at the bottom.


Casement windows open outward along a vertical hinge, similar to the way a door opens.

Bay or bow windows

Bay or bow windows stick out from the exterior of a home and are made of a framed structure.

Fixed windows

A fixed window is a window that is primarily used to allow entry of light into a home and these cannot be opened.

Window Materials


One of the most common materials used, all-wood windows naturally resist transferring heat or cold, but these might swell with humidity changes. Wood requires more maintenance and are often more expensive.

Clad wood

Clad wood windows have wooden interior frames encased in a durable exterior material like vinyl or aluminium.


Fiberglass windows are durable and possess greater heat transfer resistance than wood or vinyl frames.


Aluminium or metal frames though durable, strong and virtually maintenance free are a poor choice as metal conducts heat and cold quickly, putting at stake the home’s energy efficiency.

Vinyl or PVC

Vinyl or PVC windows are highly durable and don’t require regular painting. These have insulated cavities, which help increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Choosing a window contractor

Replacing your home’s windows is a large investment and as such it is important to wisely choose a replacement window contactor after considering certain factors such as costs, license etc.Ask for references and take the time to check them.

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