New Technology For Energy Efficient Two Storey Home

1971671299_PeninsulaEnergy saving means that, you use less fuel or electricity to provide the same services that your home needs. A two storey house plans is very beneficial as it enables you to have space, more privacy and it is also appropriate to people who have big families. However if proper energy saving plan are not put in place, they can produce large bills. The good news is that, there are different new technologies that can actually reduce the amount of energy that you normally spend hence cutting down the energy bill. Here are some technologies that you can use in your storey home to save energy and make you enjoy as you live in your big house.

Vacancy and occupancy sensors

An occupancy sensor actually is a gadget that has been engineered to automatically turn on the lights when it detects any motion and it turns the lights off immediately when motion ceases. On the other hand, a vacancy sensor turns on the light manually but it automatically turns off the light as soon as the area has been vacated. This two sensors work well if they used together. Due to their amazing ability to turn on the lights automatically in a room once they detect any motion, these sensors can be very good partners especially when it comes to security. This gadget use low voltage module and thus can save significant amount of energy in your house.

Automated HVAC systems

Programmable thermostat can save up to $ 180 per year in terms of energy costs. These gadgets can be very useful especially in  a two storey house because they can actually be programmed to cool or heat the house only when the house is occupied.  Considering the size of a two storey house these thermostats can be very useful in saving the energy and cutting the bills because it can reduce the level of energy consumption specifically in cooling and heating that are needed in some specific areas.

Automated blinds and drapes

Drapes and automated blinds are gadgets which usually operate according to temperature variations. It is a development that is eco-conscious in window treatment program. These shades can actually be programmed to close on the hottest part of the day and open to allow the sun in during winter season. Automated blinds and drapes can really help to reduce your energy bills.

Power adapters

A power adapter is a gadget that that can offer energy solutions because it only gives electric appliances the exact power that they need. This means that if a certain device operates from a certain amount of power, the power adapter will automatically cut off the power after it has been met.

Solar water heating

Studies shows that use of solar is one of the best and also the most efficient method of energy saving. Solar converts the sun’s energy to heat energy. It is also an eco –friendly type of energy that requires minimal maintenance cost. With this gadget, you don’t have to install electric heating device in your house. Solar water heaters are very efficient and they can greatly cut down your energy bills.


If the house that you live in has a huge temperature swings, then there are very high chances that it does not have a good insulation. You can top up the insulation in basement and attic to fix the problem. It is also a very cost effective method that you can use to lower your energy bills. It is recommended that your house should have insulation that measures the height of a joist in the attic. You can bring the value of insulation up from R -20 to R-50 by simply blowing in loose fill insulation just on top of what is already there.

In conclusion, the new technologies that have been mentioned above can really help you to cut down on your energy bills when you use them in your house. Try any of the mentioned appliances and you will see the difference.

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