Granite Worktops: The Perfect Hues for different Moods

Worktops are an integral part of your culinary space. Granite has emerged as one of the most preferred kitchen worktop materials used by modern homemakers. Combining the best virtues of aestheticism and functionality, granite is known for its timeless appeal and does not cost you a fortune as well.

Granite and its many hues

Now, this stone comes in myriad shades and patterns and choosing a hue is a very personal proposition. In order to evade an expensive home décor mishap you need to select a color which is the perfect combination of your personal tastes and décor needs. In short, you need to ensure that the granite worktop (you are about install) synchronizes well with your flooring, wall color, cabinetry and window treatment. Plus, it should be a reflection of your personal tastes as well. For instance, you cannot end up selecting a grey hued granite worktop only to regret it later thinking that since you are a fan of vibrancy, you would have loved to see red instead of grey. Keeping so many points in view might as well require you shelling out some time to explore your granite options. However, let us tell you that all this will be worth it once you are finally able to see your kitchen as a smart investment. Here are a few more words about this precious stone.

What should you choose?

Any prudent interior designer out there will tell you that light colored kitchen countertops are more suitable for homes that have white or other light hued tiles in their bathrooms, kitchens or bar areas. Light colored worktops render a very soothing and summery feel to your entire kitchen area. Though some say they are rustic in feel, most of the others will unanimously opine that they are more in the line of a more aristocratic milieu. A cream colored worktop, on the other hand, can flawlessly create a beach-like ambience right at your home, no matter where it is situated.

Dark granite worktops are preferred by those who are eager to introduce a very classy feel to the entire house. A dark colored worktop teamed with slightly light hued cabinets might immediately render an elegant look and feel to the entire home.

The worktop is the centerpiece of your culinary space. You have to ensure that surrounding pieces of décor are duly coordinated with the same. You can either choose to select the centerpiece first or the other pieces of décor before choosing the latter.

Choosing Craftsmen with care

It is extremely important to check the credentials of the craftsmen (by whom the granite worktops are engineered) thoroughly before you’re opting for their services. Do resort to personal recommendations and read reviews.

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