Feng Shui Tips for Apartments

Apartments and condos are fast becoming the need for nuclear family structures. The following article is about the arrangements inLight up regular apartments and the condos, and covers the issues and solutions for the structure of your house and the Feng Shui art for it.

Manage the Orientation: Regardless of the Feng Shui branch you are studying, the facing side of the house will always remain the view side. It is always highly important that you setup a proper orientation for the apartment or the flat. This is a good practice to give the apartment a personality of its own and establishes the preliminary idea for the directions in the house. It can be explained by the methods of astronomers, they need to know about a particular location of your birth to make the calculations. In the same way, the Fend Shui requires you to have the orientations of the apartment completely defined to give direction for other aspects of the styling.

In the ancient times, the personal dwellings used to be way more easy and clear to establish. In most cases, the house was looking forward to the road it was situated on and there was rarely an exception. However, this situation has changed drastically in the modern age or architecture and the design of the entrance and other aspects of apartment designing have changed with respect to the facing side of the condo.


Yes, entrance plays a vital role in the orientation of the apartment but the views take the bigger preference and are much more important than the entrance. It is easily possible that there is one view for the apartment in any one side of it. Having at least one side of view is essential even if the apartment doesn’t have a broad view in every direction. One side view is generally present in all apartments. For most apartments it will be the facing side of the apartment. The windows are more like the eyes for any apartment and same as our body, the windows decide the most part for the facing of the house than the entrance does. Sometimes the patio and the balcony also play a good role in deciding the front of the house.

In many cases a condo and the apartments have external units that are attached to the outer sides of wall in every direction, such as balconies or the patios in the house. These units have a particular view included with them that also works in defining the Feng-Shui for the house.

Feng ShuiWhen you are done with the decision of facing side determination, you now need to select one direction as the real direction following the feng shui. It needs to face one of the eight basic directions, which are southwest, southeast, northwest, northeast, north, south, east and west. Later you need to make a decision about what sectors of the house does it face? For any apartments there are 24 possibilities for the orientation of the house as there are three different sectors in each direction out of the 8 basic directions.

For the orientation of the house, it is also helpful in deciding the orientation based on the type of person. Any east side person would feel better in an apartment that is east oriented, while for a west type person west oriented apartments are surely a better choice. However, in a single family residence, we have people who are different in directional type and selecting a particular direction according to everyone’s type is not possible. So there are other methods to maintain the proper balance using Feng Shui and this involves decoration of the home-office, living room, direction of sleep and entrances.

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