Different Night Lights Designs And The Best Places To Put Them

Everyone knows that proper lighting is essential to every household. Aside from providing illumination and having the ability to highlight certain areas or features of the house, lighting also functions as a safety or security accessory for the home, especially if lighting fixtures are placed strategically. Security experts claim that most properly illuminated homes are usually avoided by intruders and overall are just much safer.

There are different types of lighting that can be used for the home but some that a lot of households are investing in these days are the small night lights that are either battery-operated or plugged directly into outlets or sockets. They are so useful especially for the young ones that tend to get a little scared and over-imaginative whenever darkness falls. These little lights come in a variety of designs and many of them actually offer more functionalities than simply providing dim lighting suitable for night time.

Quite popular for homes with young children are the battery operated ones that are pressed lightly to turn on. Some are big enough, like lamp post lights, but they can be placed along long hallways to prevent members of the household from bumping into things as they try to locate the light switch. A lot of parents also place them on bedside tables because the glow is not that bright and children can easily turn them off once they get sleepy and feel safe about complete darkness in their bedrooms.

Another highly in-demand choice is the LED children’s night light that can be plugged directly into electric sockets; it turns on and off on its own depending on how bright the room is. This is perfect for little kids who tend to forget about turning off their night lights once they’ve woken up. Likewise, this type of night light makes locating light switches easier especially if the outlet is placed right below the switch.

Last is for the babies; decorative baby night light is perfect for babies’ rooms and it comes in so many designs that include different functionalities. Some create nice silhouettes or shadows or project moving images at the walls or ceilings (they’re usually placed on bedside tables so the images are directly in the line of vision of the babies while they’re lying down) that entertain the bubs at night. And then there are those that come with soft lullabye music, while there are also those that are shaped like cute little animals that look like bed time guardians and can be placed on the floor or beside the bed.

About the author: Kenneth Lawrence is a passionate “Handyman.” He also writes articles about gardening, home improvement, interior decoration, landscaping and other topics that can help homeowners improve their property. He also visits Mylight.com.au to find the ideal night light that can help his child sleep at night and make his house more appealing.

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