10 Ways to Decorate a Small Living Room

Small-living-room-decorating-ideasWhat do you do after buying a new house or apartment? You start the decoration work; usually, people start interior decoration with the living room. Living room is that area of the house where you spend most of your time watching TV, chatting with friends or reading books. Therefore, it must be decorated in the best possible manner.

However, not all apartment or house owners have a large living roomand windows and adorning a small living room can be a tricky job. Since there is not much area, you have to plan everything very carefully. From the size of the sofa to the color of the wall, everything matters and unless they are planned properly, your living room may seem even more congested.

If you have a small living room and are not so sure about how you can make it look beautiful and give it a spacious appearance, here are some useful tips for you.

# Opt for light color furniture: Dark teak wood furniture may show flaunt your high economic status but dark colored sofa or center table usually makes a room appear small. Therefore, you should choose a light colored wood like rubber wood furniture for living room decoration. Moreover, make sure that all the furniture items have legs. When items of furniture have legs, people get an unobtrusive view of the floor and the area seems more open.

# Light color theme for walls: Cooler colors like sky blue and sea green give the impression of a larger place when used for wall painting.  Don’t use more than 3 colors for living room walls. If you love bright colors and want to maintain color contrast, then buy bright colored cushion covers. Just make sure that the color theme matches with that of the wall. For example, if you are using sea green for walls, then mustard yellow cushion covers can create the perfect contrast.

# Use mirrors intelligently: Mirrors can visually enlarge a space, but it all depends on their arrangement. Once, I went to a friend’s house, who used mirrors in face-to-face walls in his living room to create the illusion of a larger space.

# Highlight vertical lines: Add items to the space that will encourage visitors to look upward. Things like large flower vases, long curtains or landscape paintings can take people’s eyes away from the furniture and as they look upward, the room will feel bigger to them.

small-living-1# Add light to the corners: Dark corners can make any room appear small and depressing. If possible, arrange overhead lighting for the four corners; in case it is not possible, you can place table lamps at the corners to make the room more welcoming.

# Make sure that large furniture items are not causing visual clutter: It’s better to buy furniture that suits the area of your living room, but if you have an ancestral sofa or a large divan, you can’t sell it. So, the ideal solution is to place it in the living room and search for ways to make sure it blends in perfectly with the overall atmosphere of the room. In order to do so, you can paint the wall behind the sofa one shade lighter. For example, if the sofa color is deep ash, you can opt for lighter ash colored wall paint.

# Get rid of clutter: We keep a lot of things in the living room, but those objects need to be stored intelligently without consuming any extra space for storage. For example, people often read magazines in the living room and then don’t find a place to keep the old magazines. What you can do is buy a center table that has a lower shelf. Old magazines can be kept on this lower shelf easily.

# Buy multinational furniture: If you have a large family and want to use the living room as a guest room as well, then buy a sofa-plus-bed. It will take less space and serve both purposes. People can sit on it and watch TV during evening and at night, it can be converted into a bed.

# Use a round table: Interior designing experts found that round tables allow better traffic flow in a small room. In fact, a round table can accommodate as many people as any rectangular table can, but due to its shape, it creates a less cluttered ambiance.

# Wall storage is a good idea: Instead of buying new pieces of furniture for storage, you can create shelves on the wall. Wall shelves don’t reduce floor area and as they create a hole on the wall, the room looks larger.

Follow the aforementioned suggestions for your small living room decoration and guests will appreciate your interior designing skills.

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