Wondering How to Choose the Best Upholstery?

Upholstery is the best way to renovate your room which is less expensive. The best upholstery relies on the choice of the foam, fabric and the slip covers. The foam material can be chosen based on shape, size and density whereas the fabric is selected based on the nature of the fabric, its style, colour, durability, cleaning process etc. You can give the finishing touch to the upholstery by choosing the perfect slip cover.

We tend to redecorate our living rooms from time to time to give them a fresh look and feel. The most inexpensive way to renovate the living room is to work on the upholstery of the furniture. The first step is to choose a colour theme and pattern that will go well with your wall colour or rug. You need to focus on the fabric, foam and slip cover to be used in the new upholstery.

Choice of Foam

You can choose the foam based on various criteria like the foam material, shape, density, firmness etc.

  • Foam Material

In the upholstery industry of today, polyurethane foam is the most widely-used material for home furniture. The foam material is of two types: Polyfoam, which is made of polyurethane material, and Nimbus, a mixture of polyester foam and rubber. Polyfoam is cheaper but Nimbus is preferred for its durability and the soft texture. If you are looking for good quality upholstery, then go for Nimbus.

  • Shape and size

The most commonly available shapes are squares and rectangles. Any upholstery company will help you cut the foam into a desirable shape and size based on your needs.

  • Density

The density of the foam is important to hold the shape of the cushion. If the foam is denser, then it will compress less, which maintains the perfect shape. Choose a foam material with a high density for those fabrics that are tightly pressed to the foam cushion.

Based on the density, the cushion will be firm. The firmness can be chosen based on the type of its usage. The soft foams are usually preferred for the back cushions, medium foam for the seat cushions, firm foam for the pillows and extra-firm foam for automobiles and speed boats.

Choice of Fabric

The fabric used in the upholstery should be carefully selected based on the style, durability, colour, wear and tear etc. without compromising its decorative purpose.

  • Type of fabric

The fabric can be of two types,natural and synthetic.

Natural Fabric

Linen: The linen material is used for formal setups, as it wrinkles easily and is not suited to heavy wear and tear.

Cotton: This material can withstand heavy wear and fading. If you are looking for durability, then you can choose the canvas material. The cotton-blend materials are sturdy and can be used for any living room furniture.

Vinyl: Vinyl is less expensive than the leather but gives a great finish with durability and easy-to-clean options. It is perfect for decorative purposes.

Silk: It is suitable for occasions and requires high maintenance with professional cleaning.

Synthetic Fabric

Acrylic: This fabric is resistant to wrinkling, fading and soiling. This imitation wool is a perfect choice for your living room furniture.

Nylon: This widely-used fabric, along with the blend of other fibers can act as a durable upholstery fabric which doesn’t wrinkle and soil.

Olefin: The right choice fabric for heavy wear and tear.

Acetate: This fabric replaces real silk with better wear and tear. It is not suitable for tough furniture.

Once you have selected the fabric type, check for the style and colour.

  • Fabric Style

The fabric style should reflect the theme of the room. For traditional furniture, the fabric style should be elegant, whereas you should choose acasual style for contemporary furniture. The pattern used in the fabric should match the room’s interior. For small rooms, it is better to use a fabric with small patterns and for a bigger room, choose a fabric with bold patterns.

  • Fabric colour

The colour of the fabric plays a vital role in the upholstery. Most of us choose attractivecolours, but we should also consider the stains and cleaning process. Light shades are hard to clean if stained, so choose a darker shade for children’s’ rooms. You can use bold colours for small sofas which will highlight the whole room.

  • Fabric Cleaning

Apart from the style and colour, it is important to look out for a durable material. The fabric we choose should be easy to clean if stained. Choose the fabric which will save time and effort. If the fabric requires special cleaning, choose the right cleaning product or go for professional cleaning services.

Slip cover

Slipcovers will help you protect the fabric from wear and tear. Slipcovers are easy to remove and wash which makes the cleaning process effective. The slipcovers are expensive but it can protect your furniture in a better way.

Based on all the above criteria, you can buy the best fabric that suits your upholstery. If you are not sure of the foam and fabric materials used, get professional help from the upholstery service companies. You can give your requirements to the upholsterer who can get the right material.

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