Winter Home Care Tips – An Overview

winter-house-designkeeping warm is essential for the winter time and having trouble with your heating is the last thing you want happening during the winter. So it is always a good idea to check if things are in order before the winter arrives. Also there are small steps you can take that will make a massive effect in terms of keeping you and your loved ones warm and healthy.

Checking the heating system is the most  important step. It is wise to have the system checked by a professional way before the winter. Do not forget when the winter arrives everybody want their systems checked or suddenly they realize that their heating systems are not in order. So it will be very difficult to get hold of a qualified heating professional during the winter. Another advantage is if there are any repairs needed you have enough time to get the system back in working order before the cold months. Again it will be easy to find a qualified professional to take care of your roof. Also it is a good idea to vacuum the air outlets and other components that are heated and if the furnace filter is worn out, replace that too.  Do not forget to do the replacements as directed by the furnace manufacturer to get the maximum effect. Do not forget to change the settings of the thermostat to be suitable for winter time. This includes setting time according to the standard time as well as replacing the batteries of the thermostat (if operated by batteries).

winter-home-walk-aroundSealing around the windows and doors is something can be easily done by yourself or with the help of a family member. Add or replace worn weather sealing to the windows and doors. Check the gaps and do the caulking where it is necessary so it will seal the heat inside. When caulking most of the time the entry points of the pipes are overlooked. So have a close look at all the pipes that are entering the house and use caulking and weatherstripping where necessary.

Checking the roof is another important task before the winter. Replace the loose shingles and have the gutters checked and cleaned so they are pointed downspouts away from the house. Trim the trees that are too close to the house and the limbs that are touching the roof. Also it is important to make sure the flashing around the chimney and the vent pipes is watertight. These will be difficult to check or repair during the winter time.

Winterising the plumbing is another step you can take to be ready for the winter. Take care of known issues with pipes that are likely to freeze during the winter. Using heat tape is an effective way to keep them warm. Have a thorough idea about the pipes and where to turn them off from the source. That way in case of any leakage you will know to stop in immediately. To avoid any bursts when frozen drain water from the garden taps and sprinklers.

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