Why You Should Consider Glass Splash backs For Your Home

Grease, sauces, and hot oil — these things inevitably create spills and splashes in your kitchen. They end up not only on your floors, but also around the walls of your kitchen. And depending on how often you clean as you go, the remaining spills and splashes can, over time, create ugly marks. To prevent constant clean up and unsightly marks on your kitchen walls, you need to install a splashback all around the worktop area, behind the sink, and the hob.

The good news about splashbacks is that you’ll have a few more choices today like Corian and steel, and not just ceramic tiles. A highly recommended material would be glass. Glass splashbackspossess a number of advantages, whether you’re a professional chef or a gourmet home cook. Glass will not only protect your kitchen from the usual grime but it will also lend an attractive feature to the space, giving it an immaculate and distinctly elegant look.

You can choose a clear version or go with colour-backed glass that matches or complements your kitchen design for that added drama. Not only will you have numerous colours to choose from, you could also get custom paint for the glass splashback you picked. Alternately, you can go with printed glass to create a more eclectic, contemporary look for your cooking space.

But beyond its aesthetic appeal and the wide-ranging styles and colours you can choose, glass is also quite easy to maintain. Unlike tiles, which require grout that could become a breeding ground for mould, you don’t need to fuss about with glass. All you have to do is give it a quick wipe and polish after you’ve cooked up a storm, and your kitchen will look as smashingas a chef’s kitchen. You could even get a polymer coating for the glass because this added protection gives your splashback a non-stick surface, making it exceedingly easier to clean.

While glass installation isn’t as messy or time-consuming as tiles, it still requires extensive experience when you’re getting it fitted for your kitchen. It’s highly recommended that you go with service providers that can guarantee experienced tradesmen who have done hundreds, if not thousands, of installation jobs.

In addition to vetting your installer’s expertise, you’ll also want to make sure that the glass is toughened and up to standards. If you’re getting the glass installed behind the hob, it needs to be heat resistant by up to 400° C.

Glass splashbacks for kitchens are ideal for every home. The modern material keeps your kitchens looking perfectly clean and tidy — at all times. It saves you from doing heavy duty clean-up. And it elevates your kitchen’s overall style, as it goes from usual to fab in one quick installation.

Author: Kenneth Lawrence, a passionate “handyman”. His craft involves DIY concepts and he would like to share guidelines and tips about stuffs on home improvement. http://www.bespokeglassdesign.co.uk/ is one of his resources.

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