Wholesale Flooring – Understanding The Advantages Of Popular Flooring Options

Whether you are having your first home built or you are having your current one remodelled, it is inevitable that you will face a lot of choices. This can range from finding a design that suits both your personal tastes as well as the standards for functionality, to finding an expert and reliable builder, to choosing the right materials based on numerous factors including style and cost. One of the most common choices both current and prospective homeowners must make is the type of flooring to purchase and use in their home.

As such, it is crucial to have a partial idea of the qualities and advantages of each flooring material even before you meet with a designer or contractor or even before you visit a store specializing in wholesale flooring. Here’s a brief glimpse of the most popular flooring materials used in today’s homes.

Cheap hardwood flooring is among the most popular choices among homeowners. Bamboo, oak, pine and maple are among the bestsellers of this type of flooring which are available in various finishes and colors. Apart from being durable, hardwood is relatively easier to clean as compared to other types of flooring materials.

Tiles offer greater options in terms of sizes, designs and colors. Like hardwood, tiles are durable and are perfect for parts of the house where there is radiant heat.

Karndean vinyl flooring is preferred by some homeowners because of its lower price. It is also easy to maintain while also being resistant to stains and scratches. Unlike tiles, vinyl is much softer on the feet.

Stone flooring is another popular choice among builders, designers and homeowners particularly for use in the kitchen. Granite, slate and marble are among the most popular varieties. This type of flooring is preferred by many because of its durability and it is also a quick way to upgrade the look of a home especially during remodeling.

For homeowners looking for the look and style of wood and stone but without the cost or the associated maintenance, their best option would be laminate flooring. It offers benefits like durability, resistance to fading, moisture and stains, lower cost and simple maintenance.

Other notable flooring options are linoleum and cork which appeal to people who want an eco-friendly material used in their home.

Note that while each type of flooring offers distinct benefits, there are also certain disadvantages that need to be looked into before making a final decision.

About the Author: Kenneth Lawrence is an “all-around, DIY” handyman.  He has been sharing his knowledge and skills about home improvement and new trends and designs in house and building architecture through his blogs. He had help with this article from and gets ideas about different flooring materials on this: http://americanwholesalefloors.com/cheapest-vinyl-flooring/luxury-vinyl-tile-and-plank-lvt-flooring/karndean-vinyl-flooring

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