What You Need to Know Before Relocating Your House

couple-moving-houseMoving is one of the most frenetic tasks. The before and after time of the move are equally annoying. Many things go into executing a successful move. Organizing and planning your each step before the move can save you from a puzzling hodgepodge at the time of moving. There are many things to organise when you have to consider moving your house. Being well organised and a bit of planning can make things run smoothly throughout.

To ensure that your affairs are in order, you need to note all the numbers of various agencies and services before moving. It is always advisable to purchase a binder that can help you be sorted to keep the contacts of all the previous and new would-be agencies for various services. Make sure that you make a different section for the moving and house storage companies. Make careful assessments of your property and note the assessment made by the removals company too. Jot down the fees expected by the moving companies. Also, save the new address with you and make sure that you share the addresses with all services that require your new address.

Let us have a better look on the services you need to change and work on before moving:
You can directly avail the post redirection services; this will ensure that all your post is redirected to your new address. This will also help you notify others in your contact list about the address change. You just simply need to fill a form, pay the required fees and the intimate the date from which you want your address to be changed. Make sure that you intimate all the important people and companies like insurance policy service providers, loan service providers etc. personally as well.

Utilities Swaps: Utilities like gas, electricity, and waste collection need to be transferred to your new address. This must be take care of before the move

couple-movingYou can contact your previous utility providers and ask them to transfer the services to the new address if they serve in that area also. Share the date until which they are supposed to provide the services in the old house. Jot the readings of the last date. If the service providers are different at the new location, contact the current service provider and ask for the available providers in the new area.

Please note that you can transfer the previous connection on the new owner’s name or proprietor’s name if the house was rented. Similarly, when you are moving to a new house you can ask your property owner or previous owners to transfer the connection to your name. In both the cases, make sure that you jot down the last and the first reading carefully.

Telephone: Just like the gas and electricity, you can transfer the telephone services to the new address. This way you save the reconnection fees and you would be avoiding the delays of getting connection installed too. You’ll have a working phone the moment you enter the house. Similarly, you can transfer your previous connection to the new people who’ll be living there. You may also check with the availability of broadband connection in your new house. You can otherwise contact the service providers to apply for the contract.

Cable and digital connection for TV: If your television has a license, then you must change the address there also. You may do this online or visit the TV license providers. Contact the cable service providers to provide you with a new connection at new address. You can even transfer your services from your previous house. The fee would be different for different service providers. Apply wisely, make sure that you de-select the channels that you never watch and omit them. You can also apply to these providers online.

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