Ways to make home sweet home secure

Home is a place where one should feel safe at all times. It is a safe haven and refuge of sorts. Contrary to what one thinks, a locked door and windows does not a safe house make. With the advancement of science and technology, even thieves and housebreakers have moved with the times. The sobering fact is that even a house with a basic burglar alarm and a guard dog is not secure. An experienced thief could crack it within no time. According to FBI sources, a house is broken into every 15 seconds in the US.

So, the vital question of the hour is, how do you make your home as secure as possible and that too, using cost effective means?

Keep the alarm in plain sight

Firstly, make sure that your burglar alarm is placed in an obvious place outside the house. It might disturb house aesthetics, but on the bright side, it discourages thieves from entering. Placing the alarm in a hidden place makes it easier for thieves to get in, steal valuables closest to the door and make a getaway by the time the alarm starts blaring. On the contrary, all the wiring must be hidden so that they cannot be easily located and disconnected.

Strengthening the locks

The most commonly used method of entry by burglars is through the garage door, or the front door. So, these weak entry points must be strengthened to discourage housebreakers. If a burglar finds the entry points too troublesome and time consuming to crack, he will simply go on to the next target. Therefore, the locks on these doors have to be really resistant to seasoned attempts. Using high quality Grade 1 and Grade 2 locks is one such way to ensure that. A good deadbolt lock will have a “bevelled casing” to prevent the use of pliers. Such locks are hardy towards attempts of prying, twisting, picking, etc.

Windows are another good entry point. Enable anti-lift devices on windows or put in blocking devices so that they cannot be opened from the outside. The advantage is that these are all pretty inexpensive options.

Do-it-yourself security systems

An efficient security system can also be created by getting a webcam and connecting it to a home computer. The trick is to get a camera which has motion detection and automatically starts recording after it starts sensing pixel movement. In such an event, an e-mail is automatically sent to the owner. The entire point of having a security system is to maintain a record of images and video that can be played back for later reference.

Since, a home burglary would inevitably result in the computer being stolen; a good idea would be to enable cloud storage for the images and videos on the security cameras. In that case, all the video would be stored on a virtual drive and be readily accessible.

Going “pro”

Another option to professionally secure a home is by availing of the packages offered by cable providers like Comcast and A&T. These companies offer attractive security packages which can be accessed through the Internet. This would be an efficient option for those who wouldn’t want to go in for DIY (do it yourself) methods.

Help thy neighbour

Lastly, one of the best ways to ensure safety is through creating a good neighbourhood culture. . Instead of hiding a key in the mailbox, giving it to a neighbour is always a safer option. Be a good neighbour; look out for their houses when they are absent. That way, your good deeds will be returned too

About the author: Thomas has been securing homes as a security consultant for the last 10 years. He offers professional advice to families and corporations on security, property protection and crime prevention.  He loves travelling, especially hiking and trekking with his friends. Also he writes for many sites. 

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