Turn Your Old Attic Into a Brand New Kids’ Bedroom

If you’re still considering whether or not you should remodel your old attic into livable space for the kids, go for it! A custom built attic bedroom is one of the greatest gifts that a parent/grandparent/guardian/aunt/uncle can give to a child. If you pull it off, it could provide the child with awesome memories that they can lovingly carry into adulthood. And once they outgrow the room, you can always just use it as an extra room for guests or as an attic study room.

Follow Any and All Building Codes

Whether you’re planning to do construction yourself or hire a contractor, the first thing you need to be fully aware of are the local building codes. These codes or rules for building are there not just for your household’s safety, but for the safety of the neighborhood as well. By following these rules, you’re lessening the risk of a fire breaking out or an unstable structure collapsing in your home. With building codes (and everyone’s safety) in mind, you can move on to design.

Either Consult Your Child or Surprise Them with a Theme

There are two ways to build a custom bedroom for a child: ask them for their preferences, or if you already know what they’re crazy about, surprise them with a bedroom theme that you know they’ll love. As a parent/guardian, surprising your kid with an awesome bedrooom is your chance to shine! On the other hand, consulting the child and involving them in the process is not only a good way to figure out the theme they want, it’s also one way of teaching them household responsibility.

Find Ways to Cleverly Use Existing Attic Architecture

Attics typically don’t have the same architecture as most of the other rooms in your house. That’s one of the reasons why they make for perfect living spaces; attics come with a built-in personality. For instance, the slanted ceilings that a lot of attics come with is not a construction problem; it’s a design opportunity. There are a number of creative and practical ways to use slanted ceilings in living spaces.

The same is true for your attic’s current flooring, walls, and other built-in elements. Before making any major changes, see which of these elements can be used to enhance the bedroom theme that you’ve decided on. For instance, antique wood beams don’t need to be covered or painted if you’re going with a theme that’s either rustic or rooted in fantasy. Maybe you can even hang a relaxing hammock between support beams. The more cleverly you can use existing space, the better.

Ensure Adequate and Comfortable Lighting, Living Space, and Ventilation

Whatever bedroom theme or design you’ve settled on, make sure that you don’t neglect the basics: adequate space, ventilation, lighting, electric wiring, and plumbing. Do you need to add a heater or air-conditioner in the room? How about extra electrical outlets? Is there space and enough structural strength to add a full bathroom? Consider all these questions before starting construction work on your child’s attic-bedroom.

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