Transform Your Garden Shed into Your Own Space

Depending on the size of your garden shed and storage space, you can make a home office, an artist’s studio, an extra bedroom, a writer’s nook or a playroom. Shed are fairly common and almost every house has one but not all of them are being used at their full potential.  Determine what activities you’re always doing outside and what kind of space do you need. Design your shed based on that. Here are a list of way to convert garden sheds and storage into rooms that do more than just simply store gardening tools:

  1. Office.  Most garden sheds become small offices. It’s a great place to be alone and concentrate on work. A sort of getaway from all the noise inside the house.
  2. Playhouse. Transform an unused and boring shed into something colourful that your small children can play in. Place all the toys in the shed. That way they are no longer scattered inside the house. Small children will love their own playhouse. They can have tea parties in the shed every day.
  3. Teenage children’s retreat. If you’ve got a teenage son or daughter, they might need some additional space for their hobby or whatnot. You can build a small studio for a musical son or daughter. Or it can be just a place where your teens hang out. Decorate the shed in a cool, laid-back style.
  4. Space for creative activities. Convert your shed from a dusty storage space into a small creative space that will home all your hobbies. There are endless possibilities of things you can do inside a small homey space; create art, make crafts, dressmaking, knitting, pottery, etc. The shed can also double as a gallery to display all your work.
  5. Extra bedroom. A storage shed that’s large enough to store a bed can double as a guest room. You’ll always be ready to entertain guests in your house without having to let them sleep in the sofa.
  6. Writing shed. Writers often require their own space. It’s hard to write in a house with all the kids running around or where everything is just a mess. Having your own backyard writing shed can save you from all that. You will love having a small, intimate space with everything you need to write.
  7. Backyard retreat. Sometimes you just want a place for your R&Rs. Decorate your humble space and convert into a room that will offer you somewhere your heart can relax. You can entertain friends, meditate and relax in your own space. Add details and furniture that will emulate a cozy house.

Whatever it is you would like to convert you shed into, don’t forget to make it comfortable. This will be your own sacred place where you can simply enjoy the comforts of your own space.

Author Bio: Zack Bauer is a blogger and web consultant for various companies that specialize in home improvement, organization, landscaping, and pest control. He loves writing and gardening, as well as DIY carpentry and other home projects. Transform your garden sheds and storage into a more functional and peaceful getaway.

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