Top 10 Interior Design Ideas for Modern Homes

Want your home to look great? Well nowadays, it’s easier than ever. With inexpensive design materials, artistic license and a plethora of ideas online, you can have your home looking fantastic in no time. You won’t be looking for a holiday any time soon if you follow some of our amazing tips to get a new home – you’ll never want to leave!


– Fish Tank Bed

OK, so this isn’t the cheapest addition to your home, but it’s definitely cool. An aquarium can be made custom to create an overhead aquarium over your bed, connecting to both bedside tables. It looks great, but only have one made if you’re able to regularly clean the water!

– Balcony Pool

If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony, then a balcony pool that goes from the inside of your home to the outside is an amazing addition. You can have doors that shut whilst still allowing water to flow underneath. Simply open up the doors to your balcony and you’ll have an indoor/outdoor pool.

– Quirky Lights

Never underestimate the effect that a good chandelier can have on a room. Instead of choosing a traditional chandelier, try something with quirky lines and shapes. You can even buy lampshades that project forest designs into your home.

– Spiral Staircase

Sometimes, a traditional staircase just takes up too much room. If you want to conserve space and have a quirky centerpiece, try a spiral staircase.

– Glass Bathtub

A glass bathtub is the ultimate addition to a modern bathroom. Water will look like it’s magically floating in one corner of the room, and it adds a feeling of extra space.

– Vertical Herb Gardens

Many architects are introducing vertical grass and plant gardens to building, with a view to making their projects greener. You can introduce your very own vertical herb garden right in your kitchen. Keep it watered and provide lamps for light, and you’ll have fresh herbs whenever you want.

– Back Yard Office

Always wanted office space in the home, but never had the room for it? Well, a shed or other outdoor small building could be ideal. As long as you have sufficient security, insulation to keep you warm and plenty of light, you could create an extra interior space for your home!

– Hammocks

Hammocks are easy to install and take up little space. Plus, they’re a comfy place to sit!

-Storage under the Stairs

Forget about a cupboard under the stairs! Instead, try installing draws under each of the stairs. As you get further up, the draw becomes larger, and it’s an ideal place to store clothes, shoes or coats. It’s an intuitive method of saving space and making use of the little pockets of space that can be found across your home.

– Table Fire Pit

No room for a fireplace? Don’t worry! A table fire pit is a great way to introduce fire and warmth to your room – but only if you don’t have small children around these are easy to install and can run from gas systems. Be sure to get a professional to arrange it the construction and installation though!

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