The Most Overlooked Fact About how home security cameras work Revealed

Having a good home security system is one of the best ways to keep your home safe from burglars and other unsavory individuals. The images and video feed from hidden cameras can also help the police track down, capture and convict burglars. Even though you know that home security cameras are effective deterrents for crime, you might not fully understand how a home security system works. Either that or you’d like more information about home security systems.hidden-camera-tis

Hidden and Visible Cameras

Hidden and visible home security cameras come with their own unique set of advantages. Both have places where you can place them where they’ll be more effective, so it helps if you know the locations in your house where you plan on placing your hidden cameras video. If you want the burglars to know that you are watching them, then you’ll want to place a visible camera either outside of your home or in the living room or den. If you’d like to be more succinct and record the burglars in action without their knowing, you can place a hidden camera either in a smoke detector or in a wall clock. In either case, it can be a good idea to think about getting an alarm system so that burglars don’t make off with any of your expensive items.


If you decide to install your home security system yourself, it’s very important that you install it correctly, otherwise it won’t do you much good at all no matter how much it costs. If you aren’t all that familiar with installing and setting up electronic equipment, get in touch with a home security professional who can help you. You might not want to spend the extra money, but it will be better than having a set of security cameras that aren’t recording anything.

Best Locations for Cameras

One of the most prevalent problems with home security cameras is deciding where to place them. Hide them too well and you might not have the angle you’re looking for and place them too obviously and intruders will be able to disable or destroy them with a few good whacks or spray paint. Wherever you place the camera, make sure that it can get adequate focus and the image is easily visible. If the camera doesn’t have automatic focus, you’ll have to keep distance in mind when putting it up. You’ll also want to make sure the camera is mounted in a sturdy location so that the image isn’t distorted or easily jostled.


You have the option of recording the images on your home security camera or just watching them in real time. If you want a camera that records, make sure that the actual recording system is compatible with your cameras, otherwise you’ll have to return it and find a system that is compatible. With some recording systems you can digitally save the hidden cameras video feed.

If you’re ever unsure as to what kind of cameras or home security system is the best fit for you, your budget and your home, you can consult an experienced home security professional to come out to your home and give you their professional opinion.

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