Should you choose French provincial furniture for your home?

French provincial furniture is a much-loved style that has been popular for several centuries. It has been described as a romantic style yet is classic and found in many homes across the world. It has a somewhat dressy or formal style that can be found in all kinds of pieces ranging from tables to upholstered items. Using one piece or many in a home tells others you have sophisticated taste.


It’s all about the details

This style first came into being in the country areas around Paris several centuries ago. This kind of design was considered artisan furniture that was made one item at a time and designed for use by the aristocracy. It employs several design standards that are still very common today.

One of the most common features of this style is the cabriole leg, which has a distinct shape. This is made up of two sets of curves in the design with the upper portion of the leg extending out while the lower portion is concave. All four legs on a piece will have this structure.

Another detail is that carving of some kind is often found on these pieces. This can be a wheat pattern on dining room chairs or an inset border along the edges of an item. These carved areas are known to pick up a patina over time, which helps to further enhance and define the style.

Lots of variations

People that are interested in this style will find lots of variations. There are upholstered pieces available such as sofas, chairs, ottomans and chaise lounges. Bedroom sets including the headboards, dressers, nightstands or side tables are also favorites and many people like to include a small sofa or upholstered bench at the foot of the bed. People can also find a wide range of designs for dining room furnishings as well as decorative pieces like mirrors and picture frames.

Some of the pieces that may be very familiar to Americans are the ladder back chair with a rush, or woven, seat and the bombe chest. The bombe chest is a type of dresser that is fairly low and has a sort of pushed out shape or wavy shape. It can have any kind of legs but cabriole legs are very common.

How to use and obtain these items

People may decide to use just a few items such as placing one chair in their bedroom or living room. Sometimes people will start out with just one or two items to see how they like this style or due to budgeting. At other times people may go room-by-room or obtain an entire house full of items. It is more or less up to each person to decide how to go about using French provincial items.

Pieces like this can be found at antique stores, auctions and some better furniture stores. The best selection is often found at specialty furniture stores that carry the more unusual furniture items such as French Country, Gustavian or Swedish style and English reproduction items.

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