Rain Gutters: How To Install Rain Gutters

Rain gutter is a narrow channel connected to the roof, used to collect and divert rainwater shed by the roof. Rain gutters are of prime importance in the safety of a house. They help protecting the base of the building by diverting the rainwater away from it. 

Advantages of rain gutters-

  • Helps reduce erosion
  • Prevents leaks in bases and crawlspaces
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Protection of painted or stained surfaces.

Water is a mighty force. It can destroy whatever comes in its way. Many cities have been destroyed and raised after floods. Rain gutters are present in almost all the buildings, but clogging affects their working. Sand or leaves clog the entry of gutters and hence prevent water from diverting. In such cases, the water gets collected in the narrow passages and then shoots out of the trough. Water causes harm to the buildings. Water levels if not checked can cause- 

  1. Rotting- The water runs under the shingles and behind the exterior walls. This water can moisturize walls, and rot the wooden blocks. If the water level in the walls is not checked, it can lead to serious damage to wooden roofs and walls of the house. The water will show no signs in the building until significant damage is done. To renovate, structural and cosmetic repairs will be required, leading to additional costs.
  2. Shifting of the base- The water when seeps into the earth, it moisturizes the base. The foundation sets unevenly due to presence of this moisture. This can lead to surfacing of cracks and crevices in the building. These cracks and crevices will enlarge day by day, and may pose threat to the residents of the home or building.
  3. Molds and Pests- Water pooling can lead to the birth of molds and pests which can cause serious harm to the buildings. Renovation may require removing the entire drywall, which may sum up to a significant amount.

It is not that if you clean your rain gutters timely your entire problem is solved. Sand, leaves etc. can clog your gutters very often. If you are living in a house situated near lots of trees, then it may become an everyday affair for you to clean your gutters. You can clean the gutters daily, or call people to work for you and clean your gutters. It will lead to huge expenses. The thing you can do is install a gutter guard system. These guards protect the rain gutters from the twigs, leaves and sand particles, which may clog the entry of gutters.

How can you choose a better rain gutter guard installer company?

  • Gutter companies should realize the imperative need of working on a clean base. They should clean the rooftops covered with twigs, leaves or settled grimes.
  • There is no such thing as warrantee in installation. If your installation is correct, your gutters will work. In case it is not installed correctly, you may have to call the company again. So always choose an efficient company.
  • Non-experienced fitters may change the slope of the gutters, which may again lead to problems.

Rain gutters are the lifeline of your house. If you want to increase the life of your house, you should definitely install efficient rain gutters.

Suzan Hall lives in U.S and loves the busy work-culture in her city.  As writer, Suzan focuses on writing the best possible way. Here creativity is not limited to just writing. In her leisure time she works on landscaping and curb appeal projects as well. Her present article is focused around installation of gutter protection and advantages of gutter guard systems.

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