Professional Painting Services Vs DIY: Which is Better?

DIY paintingMost people would prefer doing painting tasks on their own to save money. It is understandable that at times the drive to save money is stronger than that advocating for quality work.  This can be tempting and most people fall into the trap of being a jack of all trades and doing everything by themselves. Painting however as a discipline needs professionalism that can come only from those who are in the industry. Whether it is commercial or residential, painting needs to be taken seriously if quality is to be achieved. There are many benefits that accrue to you as the client by hiring professionals. In most cases, money ceases to be the determining factor and as such attempting to save it can come at the expense of quality and longevity. Below are some of the merits of hiring professional painting services:

The Wealth of Experience

Experience is an attribute that cannot be laid aside when it comes to getting the painting job done quickly and efficiently. There are a number of tricks and techniques that are known only by those who have been in the industry for long. Such tricks may not be known by those who have basic skills and no experience at all.

In the discipline of painting for instance, no surface should be painted before being cleaned; this is to prevent the paint from peeling off after just a short time. Every surface has its own cleaning method and which unless the painter knows it, he may damage the existing material. The right type of equipment and paint also has to be used if the final results are to be as desired. All this calls for experience and expertise and DIY techniques cannot accomplish this.

Long-Term Cost Implications

professionalHiring a professional contractor may be slightly costly than doing the task yourself. This is a fact and it cannot be refuted. The underlying principle however is that of longevity where the DIY painting may not last long making you to spend lots of money in between. Because of poor application of painting techniques, wrong usage of materials and general ineptitude a painting job can cause more harm than good. When done by an amateur, a painting project may have to be revisited which implies added costs and other resources. Save these costs from the onset by contracting a professional and reliable painter.

Keen Attention to Details

Painting projects need to be given a quality finish. While details may not be easily noticeable when doing the painting yourself, a professional will find it easier to point out the obvious mistakes and put things in the right way. This keenness and attention to detail is primarily because of the training and experience that these people have had while working in the industry. Some of these details may seem so minor but if they are not taken care of from the onset, they can cause potential harm and damage to your painting projects. Keenness touches on aspects such as the paint mix, cleanliness and texture of paint surfaces.

The Time Aspect

Any project undertaking has a time element attached to it. When you decide as an amateur to do the painting yourself, there is the risk of you taking a lot of time in a task that should have otherwise taken a very short time. What saves time in the case of a professional is the degree of skill and experience. Having the necessary skills to tackle a given job makes most projects take lesser time because all the techniques used are geared towards time loss elimination and quicker completion times. The experience bit of the professionals makes them recall the twists and turns of past projects thereby enabling them to infer on past tasks to complete the present ones.

Wide Man-Power Base

Painting is not a project that can be successfully undertaken by one person unless the area concerned is small. DIY painting projects are characterized by one aspect: lack of staff. This is because such projects are normally one-off jobs and with very lower chances of being repeated. On the other hand professional painting companies are in the painting industry and as such they are equipped with the relevant workforce to undertake repetitive tasks.  Projects undertaken by a huge taskforce normally are completed on time and efficiently.

Author bio:

Branson is a painting service provider who has years of experience handling commercial projects. He has been a strong advocate of professionalism in the painting field as opposed to the common DIY painting approaches. He keeps swans and ducks that he loves watching them swim during the weekends.

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