Pest Control Services Issue Ten Tips On Preventing Infestation

pestcontrolReading the book of Exodus will reveal how pests can truly wreak havoc in the lives of people.  Aside from being carriers of harmful germs and viruses, insects and rodents can also compromise the quality of home life. If you wish to protect your home from infestation, Leicester pest control experts claim that a household must learn some basic tricks to safeguard the house from tiny invaders. These tricks either repel insects or take away home “characteristics” that they are typically attracted to. Pest control services say it doesn’t really take much to prevent infestation; consistent practice is all there is to it.

Provided below are ten smart tips to turn pests away from your home.

Dispose of garbage properly. This means all rubbish should be covered or sealed since garbage, especially the biodegradable kind, is an attractive food source for bugs, rats, raccoons and other pests. Tightly tying bags or sealing your garbage can easily lock in the “attractive” scents for pests and keep them away from your household.

Keep floors and counters clean. Sweeping and mopping will get rid of pests that are easily attracted to dirt, like ants and cockroaches. Roaches, especially, are turned off by the scent of most floor cleaning and polishing agents. Counters, on the other hand, should always be wiped clean with a wet cloth and soapy water; drink stains from coffee mugs and glasses are known to attract ants, fruit flies and cockroaches.

Store food in tight containers. Doing this will not only help preserve the quality of food but will also keep pests out of the kitchen. Use resealable plastic bags or airtight containers.

Make sure to always wash fruits and vegetables purchased from the grocer. Produce may carry eggs of fruit flies.

Do not leave fruits in the open when they are quite ripe. The scents will lure pests into your home.

Use organic insect traps outside your home. During the wet season, mosquitoes and flies tend to retreat in warm, cozy homes, but you can keep them away from your food or from targeting your body for food by installing “insect traps” that you can make from your own kitchen. Professionals in pest control Kettering locals turn to suggest filling a bottle or jar with a mixture of hot water, sugar and yeast, then cover it with a trough. The fliers will be attracted to the sweet scent of sugar but the carbon monoxide produced by the mixture will prove toxic to these insects and they will not be able to fly out of the trap because of it.

Repair structural damage. Cover holes where small pests like termites, beetles, rats, and others can crawl in.

Repair leaky plumbing. Not only do leaks damage the structure of the house but pests are also attracted to the moisture created by these leaks.

Trim foliage away from your house. Plants, regardless of whether they’re wilted or fresh, serve as food for certain pests and if your gutters and downspouts are clogged with leaves and twigs, it becomes easy for pests to find a way into your home.

Get rid of stagnant water. This tends to attract and create a breeding environment for disease-carrying mosquitoes.

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