Kids Beds are a Source of Chemical Exposure

Is the toxicity of your children beds a concern?
How to select a secure non toxic Organic mattress toppers

If you’re buying children’s beds, value and luxury could also be your highest priorities. However have you ever thought of the toxicity of a typical mattress? Children pay lots of your time in their beds, and through that point they’re exposed to the chemical off-gassing that almost all mattresses produce.

What’s in an exceedingly typical children mattress?

Toxic foam
Polyurethane foam is that the commonest mattress filling, and this can be made of fossil oil with chemical additives. Foam breaks down over time into little particles, which may become mobile. Per manufacturer material safety information sheets, potential health effects will embrace viscus arrhythmias, dispense, chest discomfort, irritation of secretion membranes, headache, coughing, asthma-like hypersensitivity, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, nausea, blurred vision, and reduced pneumonia do..

Think carefully before shopping for costly foam mattresses for your youngsters beds. Several children (and adults) are sensitive to those chemicals and might find yourself obtaining terribly sick. If that happens, you’re stuck with costly mattresses that you simply can’t come back.

Fire retardant chemicals or barriers

Since mattress makers are needed to fulfill government flammability laws, they add fireplace retardant chemicals or barriers which will be toxic, as well as PBDEs, brominated or chlorinated hearth retardants, antimony, mod-acrylic, polyacrylonitrile, element acid and plenty of different chemicals. A number of these chemicals have recently been illegal, however, are replaced chemically which will be even as toxic. Shoppers are within the dark on what chemicals are used in the mattresses they’re shopping for.

Older mattresses is harmful too!

Since the chemicals ne’er fully dissipate, older mattresses may be still off the gas even if they now not contain the chemical smell. There’s proof that common bacteria and plant in re-used, older mattresses will generate the next concentration of toxic gases than new mattresses.

Alternatives to harmful mattresses

Your children don’t get to sleep on poison! Luck, mattresses created with natural organic materials are now accessible. Several of those mattresses meet or exceed flammability laws with safe, non-toxic materials.

Here are some belongings you got to understand to decide on a secure mattress for kids:

Choose an organic mattress with non-toxic materials for your youngsters beds

Yes, organic is certainly necessary, however, it’s even additional necessary that every one the materials used are not any toxic and there are no harmful hearth retardants or barriers.


Cotton is firm and breathable. 100% certified organic cotton may be an excellent filling for a child’s mattress. It’s conjointly the most effective covering or surface ticking material, particularly once it’s thick.

Natural Latex toppers

Natural latex also can be a secure material, looking on however, it’s created. If you’re getting to use latex, confirm it’s all natural latex and be from chemical/natural latex blends. If you’ll realize GOLS certified organic latex, you recognize you’re obtaining the purest natural latex out there. Keep in mind that natural rubber/latex will be matter, and a few allergists suggest that babies and young kids avoid latex. The FDA won’t enable a product containing latex to be tagged as “hypoallergenic.”


Wool is additionally used in organic mattresses. Wool also is a safe, non-toxic once it’s organic or processed consistent with organic standards, however wool also can have matter properties. Therefore, use caution with wool if your kid has allergies. .”

GOTS and GREENGUARD certifications

It’s important to check into all materials used, and it can be difficult to get full disclosure from the retailers or the manufacturer. Look for organic mattress and organic bedding companies who have been GOTS certified. The global organic textile standards (GOTS) are the leading organic textile process standards for mattresses. The standards need that fiber and fabrics used within a mattress, with limited exceptions, the standards need that fiber and materials used inside a pad, with restricted exceptions, should be made up of the national organic program (GOTS) certified materials and processed by the global organic textile standard (GOTS). All other components must meet strict non-toxicity standards.

It’s conjointly may be sensible if the mattress have passed GREENGUARD standards. There are little amounts of sour chemical off gassing allowed by GREENGUARD, looking at the amount of certification.

GREENGUARD select is the highest standard. Well living shop is the only GREENGUARD select certified company that has had their kids and baby mattresses pass with zero emissions of formaldehyde, aldehyde.

Non toxic natural hearth protection

Always raise the manufacturer or merchandise for complete details about what they use to pass fireplace standards. Retailers cannot lawfully sell mattresses while not hearth protection, unless you’ve got a doctor’s prescription for a chemical-free mattress.

There are safe alternatives to chemical fireside retardants, which will let a pad to pass flammability standards. Some makers use wool since wool may be a fiber with flame resistant properties. There are corporations that use solely pure wool for this purpose. However, remember that some firms use wool with chemical treatments added to spice up the wool’s heat resistance.

PLA fiber (made from plant starch) is flame resistant and a secure, non harmful different. PLA fiber is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and performs well within the wash. It provides a soft and cozy feel, wicks away wet, and resists body impressions. If a mattress contains PLA fiber, confirm the PLA is freed from GMOS.

Waterproof and mud mite proof your mattress

Waterproofing is vital for a young kid, since they’ll wet the bed and ruin the mattress. Wet during a mattress can let mold, mildew and micro organism to grow, creating it terribly unhealthy for youths. Additionally, dirt might allergies will be problematic for youths and mud mights like to sleep on mattresses.

Some mattresses for youths have nylon, damask or polymer surface coverings. Nylon or damask surfaces aren’t very waterproof – simply water-proof – and that they could contain a coating almost like Teflon. There are lots of questionable artificial chemicals concerned in these coverings. They can also contain added fireplace retardants and medication chemical treatments which will be harmful.
The only way to totally waterproof a mattress is with plastic. Food grade synthetic resin is that the safest waterproof and dirt mite proof material offered. Search for a synthetic resin covering and avoid coverings made of vinyl or different plastics.
Or you will shield your non-waterproof mattress with a waterproof pad. However, take care – most waterproof mattress pads on the market contain harmful chemicals. Much toxic are vinyl pads or cotton pads with vinyl backings. The sole, waterproof pad that we all know of that’s tested and confirmed to not off-gas is that the good living shop organic cotton waterproof mattress pad.

Wool is waterproof, however, not waterproof. Some people purchase wool puddle pads to dam the condition, however, if there’s lots of condition, it’ll bear a wool puddle pad and ruin the pad.

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