How to Make Your Bedroom Appear Larger

You just walked into your room and you are trying to squeeze between your dresser and your bed. You’ve just been hit by a wave of claustrophobia and you feel like you can’t move. Every time you walk into your bedroom you feel the urge to reorganize, but you can’t see any way to free up space. Maybe it feels hopeless, but there surely is a way around this.

For this post we asked team behind Such & Such – a great place to check if you are looking for bedroom furniture. They shared with us their top five tips to make your bedroom appear larger yet homier.

Paint It!

Painting allows you to switch things up a bit and try something new. It’s fun to try out new colors and redecorate. The way you paint matters when trying to make a room appear more spacious. Follow these two painting tips to visually enlarge your bedroom.

1. Change the Color of Your Walls

Repaint! A fresh coat of paint in a light color will make your room appear to be larger than it actually is. The way light colors reflect the natural light causes the room to appear more open and welcoming. Some great color choices to open up a room are off-white, light blues, and pale greens.

2. Paint Your Ceiling

It’s that simple! Paint your ceiling the exact same color of your walls, or another light shade of the space-inducing color, and your room will instantly appear taller. You could have instant high ceilings!



Yes, unfortunately the key to creating space is organizing. Organize everything within eyesight.  There are different ways you can store your things, but they will have to be stored. Anything laying around in the open is occupying space, so put things away.


1. Declutter

Get rid of anything you don’t need. Go through everything, make a mess and lay it all out where you can see it. Organize your items into three sections- what you need, what you want, and what you don’t. Get rid of the entire section of what you don’t, Put away the items you need first, then move on to the items you want.

2. Invest in Storage

Buy some smart storage solutions. Purchase items that can serve more than one purpose, for example, a bed with drawers underneath. If you don’t have the money for new furniture, invest in some totes that could slide under your bed. Think about shelving, that can be painted the color of your wall. This will make it blend, but still create some dimension in your bedroom.

Use Fabric

Think about all the fabrics in your room. You probably have curtains, a bedspread, maybe a throw rug. These things can be utilized to create the spacious illusion you are searching for.

1. Drapes or Curtains

Choose a set of curtains that match your light-colored walls, or maybe a sheer set of curtains that will allow the light in. Both of these will use the natural light to create a facade of increased space.

2. Bedspread

Select a bedspread that is light in color.  Another option would be a bed set that is covered in a small pattern. Remember that darker colors diminish the perception of space.

3. Rugs

Same rules apply with selecting a rug, You need to choose light solid colors or small patterns. Rugs in general, elude to space.


Hang It Up

Utilize your wall space, just don’t go crazy. You want to leave most of your wall uncovered to keep an airy feeling in your space. Don’t be afraid to put a few things up here and there, using your wall space will create depth in your bedroom.

1. Mirrors

Mirrors will make your space look bigger in two ways; both are due to their reflective property. They reflect light, and natural light is key to creating visual space. The second way is that they reflect the room, this makes the room look larger.

2. Large Wall Paintings

Pick out large wall paintings, preferably canvas. If you hang up pictures of spacious scenery, it will make you feel an openness in your room. Think about scenes like a mountain range or open meadow.

Consider Your Furniture

The furniture you use in your bedroom makes a huge difference in how much space you actually have, but also how much space it appears you have, There are a couple tips in choosing furniture that will help you change the way you see the space in your bedroom.

1. Choose Smaller Furniture

If you have a small space it makes a lot of sense to use small furniture. Use the multi-functional pieces of furniture when possible, and select pieces with large amounts of space underneath.

2. Use Taller Bookcases/ Shelving

Splurge on a floor to ceiling bookcase. Think about all the storage space this will actually provide you, but the large bookcase will also help to make your room appear bigger. After all, you couldn’t fit a massive bookcase in a small room. Could you?

You Have Options

There are so many options to insinuate that there is extra space in your bedroom. Utilize the tips above to create the spacious, comfortable room of your dreams.  Next time you decide to reorganize or redecorate consider these tips.

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