How To Get Rid Of Ants With Borax

Are you thinking of ways to get rid of ants from your house? There are several ways to exterminate ants, including hiring a professional pest control service. However, borax is an effective way to get rid of ants from your house. The good thing about using borax is it is not expensive, and it is accessible to everyone. In addition, you can use it to eliminate worker ants (ants you see around your house) and the rest of the colony.

What you need

  • Half cup (100 grams) of sugar
  • One and a half tablespoons borax
  • One and a half (350 milliliters) warm water
  • A mixing container
  • Cotton balls
  • Shallow dishes, small jars, or lids (optional)

How to kill worker ants

Borax and sugar solution

Using borax alone will not eliminate the worker ants because they will not be attracted to it in the first place; they do not see it as a food source. So, you need to mix borax and sugar; the sugar serves as an attractant while borax is the eliminator. Mix borax and sugar into a jar and shake thoroughly.

Add water

To make sure the sugar and borax blend thoroughly, use warm water to turn the borax and sugar into a liquid solution. Stir until the borax and sugar are well mixed.

Cotton balls

Dip the cotton balls in the solution; the severity of the ant infestation depends on the number of cotton balls to use. If you still have the mixture left, cover the jar, and store in a cool, dry place and remember to keep it away from the reach of children and pets.

Lastly, place the soaked cotton balls on ant trails, and if you know their entry points, set it there to help them locate the poison faster.

However, if you do not want to stain your floor or windowsills with a dirty and sticky solution, place the dipped cotton balls on a tray or anything you will not be used for food purposes again. Borax is not only toxic to pests, but it is also toxic to humans and pets.

How to kill ant colony with borax and sugar powder

With borax and sugar, you are capable of exterminating the entire ant colony in your environment. Mix borax and sugar, ensure the quantity of sugar is three times higher than the amount of borax and mix thoroughly.

The adult ants do not eat the solid mixture; they take it back to the colony for the larva to eat

Sprinkle the powder across potential entryways; as soon as you have successfully eliminated ants from your home, ensure to block all entryways for ants. Seal up cracks with calks, ensure to seal the doorways and windowsills; it prevents reinfestation.

Sprinkle the powder across their trail, the easiest way to make the poison get to the colony is to sprinkle the powder on their path to make it easy for them to return to the colony.

Block the nest: after treatment, it is necessary to block the ant nest to prevent reinfestation. Please note you need to seal it after treatment and not before treatment.

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