How to Choose Kitchen Appliances for Small Kitchen

Although most people would want a house with a spacious kitchen, it is a known fact that this desire is not always met and especially for people living in rental houses or those they did not design for themselves. However, it is easy to have a fully functional small kitchen equipped with all the necessary appliances thus making life easier and enjoyable.

Kitchen appliances

The choice of kitchen appliances in such a case requires much consideration and you will be amazed at how much you can be able to upgrade your kitchen without spending a lot of money. Small kitchen appliances are inexpensive compared to big ones yet they give you the same services or even better. Choosing the right appliances will help create space both in the cabinet and counter while allowing for easier movements within the kitchen thus making it safe. Below are some tips that will help you choose essential appliances for your small kitchen:

Go for integrated appliances

When choosing kitchen appliances for your small design, choosing a fully integrated approach and a seamless look is always important. You do not want your appliances to take up the entire space be it on the floor or the countertops. It will be important to fully integrate the kitchen appliances into the available cabinets thus giving your kitchen a smart and lustrous look thus maximizing on the available kitchen space. Try to choose appliances with similar design in order to achieve this goal.

Choose multi-purpose appliances

Instead of buying an appliance for each and every function that you need to perform in the kitchen, it will be better and cheaper for you to buy one that can perform a number of those functions. This will help you save on your money while at the same time ensuring that much of your available kitchen space is freed up leaving your room looking tidy and organized. For example, you do not need to buy an oven and a microwave separately. Instead, opt for a combination oven or a combination microwave that allows you to enjoy the functionalities of both appliances but the two are combined into one. This way, you will be able to grill, steam, bake and brown your food using one and the same appliance. There are many appliances offering combined functionalities and these always work very well for small kitchens. Consider something like a food processor, a small appliance yet offers you a number of functions without occupying much space.

Choose appliances that complement your kitchen

When equipping a small kitchen, choosing appliances that are complimentary to your room is important. It will be important to choose the right colors and shapes considering all other factors in your kitchen. Brighter colors are advisable and if possible, go for stainless steel appliances as they tend to deflect the light in your kitchen making it look spacious and sleek.

Consider cordless appliances

Where possible, it will be advisable to opt for cordless kitchen appliances for your kitchen. This will help reduce obstacles when moving around the kitchen. It also helps reduce safety incidents for you and other kitchen users.

You should avoid squeezing your available space too much but instead choose something that is proportional to your kitchen. It is good to appreciate the small kitchens do not come in a standardized size and therefore you should consider your kitchen based on “as is” basis. Always consider the features even as you consider the size.

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