How I Replaced My garage Door Myself

Is your garage door not working as smoothly as it used to do? Do you have to manually help it on its way up and way down? Does it make enough noise while in motion to wake up the whole family? If you, or your garage door rather, are suffering from these syndromes, then waste no more time and choose to replace the door opener. However, like in every case, easier said than done. Choosing the right garage door opener in Las Vegas is far complex a task than it seems because one door opener varies from another opener in a great way.

If the existing model is the old styled chain driven model then there would be lots of noises for sure.  There are several smoother and silent models available nowadays which are equally efficient if not more. Comparing belt driven, chain driven and the latest screw driver model, the belt driven model is the most efficient yet silent among them. It might not be the most powerful model but if you are looking to manoeuvre a moderate sized garage door without much noise, this model is ideal for you. I personally would suggest the belt driven model due to this reason. Although, there are experts and users who might suggest you otherwise.

Horsepower is the second consideration for me before choosing any garage door opener. Which amount of horsepower is needed and the models which provide this specific amount of thrust is important. I wouldn’t like to go overboard with very powerful machines which are costly and require more power. I wouldn’t want to buy an underpowered machine either which can’t effectively pull my door up. Anyway, if you are buying the standard twenty two inch garage door openers, half horsepower is all what you need. However, you can also go for a little high powered model so your job is done faster.

Brand is the last important decision which you need to make. I shouldn’t suggest a specific brand as that would be against my principles. But, I don’t blindly go for brands with high brand image. I read a lot of reviews, especially online and ask around. Most of my friends and peers have one or the other type of garage door installed so they can guide me and I generally found those feedbacks way more effective than the expert opinions which are often monetarily motivated. When I found my choice of brand, which came with good recommendations and also within my price range, I settled for it.

Finally I brought it home and asked a friend to come over so he can lend me a hand while I install it. No, I didn’t make him work for me for completely free; I paid him a hundred dollars for all the hard work he put on. Now I have a garage door which doesn’t creak, doesn’t pause while coming up and down, my electricity bills is lower and I have a complete peace of mind. To think how easily I achieved it and the amount I saved in this process really makes me smile.

Garage door repairing is something which can be a daunting task at times. Moreover, often the cost involved with this is huge. Trying yourself, you can easily cut the cost and do the necessary all by yourself, just like I did with my garage door.

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