How Can You Make Rooms in Your Home Appear Bigger?

ariela_wall_mirrorLiving space is becoming smaller all the time. However, for people who can’t afford a big house with sprawling rooms throughout, not all is lost. You can use many techniques, without knocking through walls or building an extension, to make the rooms in your home appear bigger than they actually are.

Here are some of our favourite ideas that will help you fool both your eyes, and those of your guests and visitors.

Catch Some Colour

Dark colours are brilliant for making a room look bold and unassuming, but they also bring everything together and make it feel like you’re in a confined space. In contrast, lighter colours are perfect for opening a room up in front of you and making it appear huge.

Many believe white is the only colour you can use for this purpose, and while it probably remains the best option, it is by no means the only one. If you choose to move away from white, don’t just go for magnolia! Instead, think about pastel colours, although if you’re a man you might need to reconcile yourself with the feminine appearance such tones can bring to a room.

For greater effect with your lighter colours, contrast them with darker furniture. This is especially important if you have stuck to white; you’ll never be able to enjoy red wine or coffee again otherwise!

Go Mad With Mirrors

Probably one to avoid if anyone in your house struggles to walk past a mirror, but there’s no doubting the impact mirrors can have by lighting up your room. Bear in mind, however, that if your home or certain rooms feel small because they don’t get much sunlight, simply buying mirrors won’t make much difference, as there’s little to reflect!

If you do get enough sunlight, however, careful positioning of mirrors opposite windows, and then working forward from there to stairwells and other darker areas of your home, will give everywhere a fresh feeling and make your rooms feel huge.

Light Me Up

Of course, the mirror principle is based on light, so another idea might be to invest in some lighting and electrical work for your home. What you need to do is make sure that you’re not just indiscriminately adding lights everywhere as that won’t work.

Subtle lighting, even specialist fittings designed to replicate natural light, always work best, and will leave you with rooms that look bigger than they are, as well as a brilliant atmosphere and ambience around your home.

Make Furniture Multi-task

Multifunctional furniture is a huge modern trend. The best examples are raised chairs and sofas that have shelving underneath, whether this is for books or decorative items. Not only does this look brilliant, it allows you to save money and space on bookshelves and display units around your home.

There are numerous options available to you when it comes to making a room look bigger; you can even use them all together, should you choose to. Whichever way you go, you’re certain to come up with a brilliant piece of interior design that leaves you feeling inspired.

Author Bio: Freddie loves interior design, and has recently purchased mirrored sliding wardrobe doors at Superglide in order to make his bedroom appear much bigger than it is, with great success. Freddie’s next target is his living room, but as he doesn’t receive much sunlight in that room, he’s unsure of what he’s going to do.

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