Home Improvement tips: Effective Pest Control

Apart from exotic pet lovers, homeowners don’t relish sharing their living space with what we’ll broadly define here as pests: Termites, fleas and other insects. Your home can easily turn into their choicest living space if left untreated. And if your property’s resale value is a priority, household pests should be dealt with immediately. After nasty neighbourhoods, nothing deters potential home buyers from considering your home like pesky pest problems out of control. Here are some simple ways to implement effective pest control around your home, because while exterminators remain a costly service and debatably unhealthy, most pests will disappear with consistent measures taken at home, at very little cost.

pest_controlTermites Die First

Moisture is the biggest draw for these ‘white ants’ that like to munch on wood and other structural surfaces. They travel in colonies and can be difficult to spot in daylight. Start by looking for and eliminating damp areas around your house. Plumbing and roofing leaks are common causes for dampness, but there are many others. Reducing contact wooden furniture has with the ground cuts off a termite’s easy route to food. If they are already an issue, a termite infestation can be overcome easily, once their ‘daily habits’ around your home are identified. Off-the-shelf baiting packages are an effective ‘do-it-yourself’ solution.

Starve the Roaches

This means cutting off easy access to food and water. Cockroaches gather quickly over small remnants of food from meals or dirty dishes. And, being nocturnal insects, they are adept at searching for food in the dark. Cockroach entry points are harder to block than with termites. They can get in through vents, and drains, and multiply very quickly. Chemical pesticides and baits are effective against Cockroaches (and similar insects like bugs) when combined with efforts at sanitation so repopulation is unlikely. Cupboards and packed boxes are common nesting areas, as are crevices in bathrooms and kitchens. Water puddles attract cockroaches in numbers whether fresh or dirty.

Rodents and the Rat-trap

Pest-ControlRats and other rodents are a large, unsightly threat to any household. They often enter unnoticed for several weeks while rapidly multiplying. Slight structural damage to your property is enough for house rats to find entrances. As with any other infestation of colonizing pests, eradication begins by identifying the source of attraction. Once identified, rodent-specific poison alone can completely clean up an infested home, but is often combined with rattraps to catch strays that may have survived. Since rats and mice are the most common rodents in the UK, most home-use rat baits sold use precise percentages of substances lethal to rodents and aren’t hazardous to household pets.

Pest control is not hard to plan or implement, but the methods you choose have to be specific to the problem. If it seems highly unlikely that you can control a pest problem on your own, a survey by a professional pest control service might help you devise your own solutions. To be sure of complete recovery and prevent, hiring a pest control service may save you money in the end. But you might be surprised at how easy it is to make your home pest free.

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