Home Décor: Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

If you have less space for the kitchen and you want to give it a tidy and organized look then go for galley kitchen design ideas. By following certain clever tips and tricks you can make a good use out of this small space. Its two parallel counters would make it quite accessible for you to keep a decent hold on everything. While designing galley kitchen you must give a special significance to storage, light, space and passage. Galley kitchen will hide all the clutter and machines like fridge and dishwasher behind the cabinetry panels. On the other hand perfect placement of cabinets, open shelving and pass through window would give your galley kitchen an airy and uncluttered look. These are some important tips through which you can decorate your galley kitchen in an appropriate way.

Perfect Lighting: Galley kitchen has a narrow and sleek look but with perfect lighting you can make this elegant kitchen look bigger and spacious. Mostly people install glazed ceiling to illuminate the ambiance of the kitchen but for some people this idea is not that economical. Instead of using glazed ceiling you can plan a perfect lighting scheme that would illuminate most of ceilings and wall lights.

Glistening Units: Gleaming and shiny kitchen units will create reflections that would make the thin and narrow kitchen look wider and spacious. Along with the glossy units choose lighter color scheme for walls to highlight the reflective and polished surface of the kitchen units. These glossy units would not only brighten up the mood of your kitchen but also grant a tidy and neat look.

Right Color Scheme: It’s not an easy task to imbue personality to the small space kitchen. But with the right choice of the color scheme you can not only set the desired ambiance of your kitchen but also give it an airy and wide look. Don’t choose bright or bold colors for the galley style kitchen as it would further give your kitchen a narrow look. Select light and pastel colors for the kitchen and give a hint of color through decorative items and wall hangings to enhance the vitality and vibrancy of the kitchen.

Accurate Storage System: Open shelving is an excellent idea for galley kitchen as it gives a composed, practical and comfortable look. This vertically and horizontally divided open shelving could do miracles as with this sophisticated type of storage system you can place ample amount of crockery, recipe books, saucepans, and other kitchen items that would surely give a neat and tidy look to the kitchen.

Reflective Flooring: Shiny and glittery flooring would certainly give your galley kitchen a capacious look. Refined flooring have the benefit of reflecting ample amount of light, making your galley kitchen look much broader and sunnier.

Add an Exquisite Window: An intelligent way to give your galley kitchen a nice and wide look is to let your kitchen window unembellished and simple. The presence of the window would definitely enhance the vitality and brightness in your kitchen.

About the Author: AtiqUr Rehman Raja gives her expert advices regarding home improvement with custom canvas printingand most specifically about galley kitchen design. His expertise belongs to just4design. 

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