Free or Low-Cost Halloween Decorating Ideas

Touted as the scariest holidays in the modern calendar, Halloween is a time of fear and fun. It is a time for people and families in particular to come together to ensure that they not only decorate their homes tastefully but that the decoration is as scary and as real as possible. Over the years, the same decorations have been used and reused over and over again. It is very common to see the usual pumpkin designs as well as the skeletons and spider webs. A time has come that in order to be different and special, one has to think and actually look outside the box: one has to look for new Halloween decorating ideas.

Halloween Decorating Ideas

The internet is your best friend

If you decide to ask around for fresh Halloween decoration ideas, you may be frustrated to learn that the people around you have the same old ideas as you. This calls for you to expand your area of research. In this case, the best thing to do is to turn to the Internet. As we all know, the Internet is a fort of endless knowledge and in turn a form of endless cheap Halloween decoration ideas. The only thing that you have to do is learn to customize the ideas that you find so as to make them as personal and as unique as possible.


Throw in some modern technology

The use of audio-visual ideas during Halloween is not a new idea. The one thing that is different is the use of modern technology. One of the best examples of this is the use of LED strips lighting. You should consider using these lights because first of all they save power and as we all know. It is easy to let costs escalate during the holidays. The other thing is that LEDs come in different colors. You can use a combination of different colors to design patterns that are not only intriguing but also scary. Lastly, they are highly customizable and can be arranged in whatever way you may want them to. The end result of this is unique designs that stand out as well as wow and scare.


Other cheap Halloween ideas

One of the best things about Halloween is that almost anything can be made into a decoration. For example, if you went out and got dust covers and put them over your furniture, you could make your house look like a creepy old house by the lake. Use dramatic LED lights to bring out the effect of a badly lit ormoon-lit house. Something else that is cheap is the use plastic bugs in the house. Do not just go for the usual spider and web: use ants or trails of them, roaches and other bugs that will bug the hell out of any trick-or-treat.

The use of shadows is one of the cheapest Halloween decorations you could have. Anything that can produce light can be used to produce creepy shadow results in the home. The best place to place these shadows is on lamps, nightlights and windows. Use paper, tape or vinyl to create the shapes. Then tape these shapes on the aforementioned surfaces and watch as the shadows are thrown all over the house.

About the Author: Viola is a freelance writer from lightingever, she enjoys blogging about Holiday and Home tips.

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