Four Helpful Tips for Moving Interstate with Your Pet

Whether you have a dog, cat, snake or hamster, handling a long distance move with a pet can be quite difficult without the proper planning. After all, animals can get easily stressed out with large changes in routine and relocating to a new home is one of the most drastic out there! With the right prior preparation though, you can safely transport your furry friend to your new house without much anxiety for either party. Follow the techniques listed below to conduct that interstate move with a pet that’s looked after the entire way.

1) Organise the Transport

The most important aspect to work out when it comes to your pet is how you are going to get them from your old home to the new one. Here, there are basically two options available:

  • Put them on a plane, train or bus
  • Drive them in your private vehicle

In the case of the former, you should arrange everything ahead of time. For example, it is vital to book transport for your pets at least a month before the move. Even this may be limited depending on where you are however. For example, some airlines do not allow pets in their cargo holds. In a similar vein, the local train network may have a strict No Pets policy in their carriages. Thus, you’ll need to determine what your options are and then choose the best available.

2) Take Them to the Vet

In the weeks before the move, you should take your dog or cat to the vet for a check-up. In this way, you’ll ensure they are in excellent health when the big day finally arrives. As well as getting your pet’s medical records, you may also enquire about:

  • Sedation which can be used during the move
  • Recommended vets in your new neighbourhood
  • Moving advice to follow that ensures good health

By getting some expert advice, you can then ensure that your pet feels safe and well throughout the ride. Even if they feel sick on arrival at your new home, at least you’ll have the phone number of a local vet who can deal with the situation.

3) Look at Local Regulations

Depending on where you are moving to, you’ll need to work out what the state or county laws are about bringing pets in from other areas. To learn the specifics, you can talk to a local removalist about interstate moving regulations for pets. If possible, find out as much as you can about the documents, paperwork, checks and anything else required. For example, you might require some of the following before transporting your pet a long distance to your new home:

  • Medical certificate
  • Rabies tag
  • Travel identification

If possible, you get your pet micro-chipped before the move. In this way, if it does get lost, anyone who finds it can simply scan the animal and return it to you afterwards. By holding the right documentation, you can also avoid hold ups at state borders and with customs at the airport.

4) Plan the Journey

Those planning to drive with their pets should take every precaution to make the journey as comfortable as they can. While you’re booking a truck and packing your belongings, keep your pet’s routine as stable as possible before the move. This will relieve the stress during the lead up to the big day. When the removal team finally arrives, ensure you’ve kept some of your dog or cat’s favourite toys in the car. The animal should also be placed within a carrier that’s suitable for their size.

Don’t feed your pet large amounts of food before you set off either as you could end up with a nasty accident while on the road. Also plan your trip so you stop off for regular breaks which coincide with your dog or cat’s standard daily routine. Let them out of the vehicle, take them for a walk and allow them to go to the bathroom. This will take away a lot of the tension they might feel while in the car.

With this advice, you now know exactly what to do to ensure your next move is as enjoyable and as stress-free as possible for both you and your pet!

Author Bio: Neori Nalupita is a writer for ZOOM Removals, a reputable removalist in Australia catering to both households and businesses. They move everything, from bulky furniture and fragile paintings. Covering greater Sydney and surrounding areas.

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