Five Tips for Improving the Look of Your Kitchen

If you’ve been thinking about improving the look of your kitchen for some time, but you don’t currently have the money for a whole new kitchen, consider implementing the following five tips today in order to help you to feel much more at home in the one room in the house you spend the majority of your time.

Though some of these tips will require you to shell out some money, on the whole these are very frugal improvements that can make a big difference to the look of your kitchen – and one in particular (number three) – doesn’t require you to spend a single penny.

Without further ado, here are our five tips for improving the look of your kitchen:

1) Purchase a Large Rug

Most people don’t think to put a rug into their kitchen due to the danger of spilling food on it. Though this can of course happen, and it’s more likely to happen in your kitchen than, say, your lounge, so long as you find yourself a rug that can be machine-washed this shouldn’t be a concern.

The best thing about purchasing a rug for your kitchen is not only does it break up the dull floor pattern, it also adds some warmth under foot during the winter months. When socks and slippers just aren’t enough, trust a rug to warm up your time spent in the kitchen.

2) Put in a New Sink

The most expensive tip on this list by far, putting a new sink into your kitchen is also the most effective tip for improving the look of your kitchen (especially if you choose to put in a particularly large one), as the sink area is such a focal point of the room.

If you’ve decided to go to the expense of putting in a new sink you may as well put in a good quality sink. Blanco sinks, across their whole vast range, can fit into any kitchen with ease, helping your kitchen to become the envy of your friends. What’s more, considering how much of our time in the kitchen is spent stood in front of the kitchen sink, it’s fair to say spending more in this area only makes sense.

3) Clean the Insides of Your Cupboards

The one tip on this list that won’t cost you a penny, cleaning the insides of your cupboards will have a positive impact on your kitchen in several ways as it’ll also allow you to go through your cupboards throwing out out-of-date food, and then reorganise what you have left in a more convenient manner.

There are several ways in which you’ll need to clean the insides of your cupboards depending on how dirty they’ve become, and what by (for example, grease can be very stubborn to get off).

4) Improve the Lighting

The lighting of your kitchen can make a big difference to the look and feel of the room, especially after dark. For this reason, before making any new lighting purchases it’s important to read about the importance of effective lighting, among other things, to get a sense of what you’re going to want to look for to improve the look of your kitchen through lighting.

Take special care to research whether you’d prefer to have several spotlights throughout your kitchen ceiling or just one main light, though of course your choice will have to reflect your budget.

5) Buy a New Oven Glove and Tea Towels

The second cheapest tip on this list, it’s amazing what a new oven glove and pack of tea towels can do to improve the look of your kitchen.

As these are such cheap items you may as well take your time to find some that match the style and design of your kitchen. Placing a tea towel here and there around your kitchen is not only handy when it comes time to dry up, it can seriously brighten the place up too.

In conclusion, if you’ve been thinking about improving the look of your kitchen for some time, consider implementing the following: purchase a large rug, put in a new sink, clean the insides of your cupboards, improve the lighting, and buy a new oven glove and tea towels.

Author Bio:

Neori Nalupita is a freelance writer for  Cameo, a leading provider of appliances and other kitchen equipment online. They have a wide range of Blanco sinks and Neff ovens on their website.

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