Color your space! How to choose a color for the home interior?

All the tangible things in our lives have their color. Color in the most important element for our mood and our feelings. Choosing the color for the home interior can be a real challenge, because it’s hard to deal with such a powerful tool that can transform your space and give you different emotions. Today we’ll try to explain the main peculiarities of different colors you can use in your interior.


The main power of this color, that is can calm the ambiance and encourage peace. This color is mainly used in bedrooms, because it’s perfect for relaxation. Rich blue improves the productivity, so it’s the perfect choice for cabinets and kids rooms. If you want to lose weight, make your kitchen blue, because this color suppressing appetite.


This is a color of passion, so if you’d like to create an atmosphere of intimacy, use it in your bedroom. Experts advise to use it sparingly, because it can cause insomnia. Rich red is good only in combination with other colors; deep red is also good without them. Also, don’t use such a color in small rooms, because it can become claustrophobic.


This is the color of happiness. People, using this color in the interior feel cheerful and energetic. This color is quite universal and you can use it everywhere. It’s often used in kitchens and bathrooms, because it provides the clean and fresh look.


Green color gives the feeling of tranquility and the sense of security, that’s why it’s often used in kid’s bedrooms and in living rooms used for the rest of the whole family. But be careful with green in bathrooms, because the wrong shade can make your skin look yellow when you look in the mirror.


This is the perfect warm and vital color. This color has a tendency to improve appetite, so if you’re on the diet, it’s not a perfect decision for the kitchen. It’s perfect for the living room, but in bedrooms it can be too tough and can cause insomnia.

Purple and violet.

This is a good choice for the living rooms, especially when you experience migraines and headaches, but it can cause insomnia, when using it in the bedroom. Light purple is a relaxing color and it helps to release stress after the hard day. In the bathroom it makes the space light and fresh.

Black and white.

White is probably the most used color in interior design. White color visually makes the room bigger and lighter. You can combine this color with any other and it’s really a perfect choice for the pure and bright look. Black color is rarely used on the walls, because it makes the room smaller than it actually is. For the best effect, use this color on the floor or choose black furniture elements.


This color brings warmth at home. You can use this color in any room and combine it with spicy and warm colors. But never match it with orange color. Brown is perfect with the natural tones of caramel and cream, for instance.

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