Cleaning Tips for People Who Love Throwing Parties at Home

Parties. Fun and games at first, these rituals of mutual enjoyment tend to quickly spiral down into several stages of deep regret as soon as the last imbibed guest leaves the mess that once used to be the host’s home. Because, let’s face it, nobody wants to deal with countless mysterious spills, plates of unfinished food, and empty glasses all day long. And with the handy tips below, provided by fellow partygoers, you don’t really have to. So, are you ready to cut your cleaning chores in half and unleash your inner party animal? Good. Then let’s get started.

The Pre-party Phase: Taking Advantage of the Quiet Before the Storm

A quick cleaning spree just five minutes before your social gathering begins is a sure recipe for disaster. Instead, grab a cleaning rag, make a cup of delicious coffee, blast your favourite tunes, and follow the tips below suggested by professional cleaners from London to successfully prepare your home for your guests’ arrival.

Tip #1 Tap Into the Hidden Potential of Baking Soda

Rugs act like filters – the more they stick around, the grimier they get. And dusty carpets can very easily divert your visitors’ focus from other important objects of interest, such as the alluring bottles of whiskey on your kitchen table. To solve this problem, simply sprinkle a bit of baking soda on top of your rug, wait for a few minutes, and then vacuum it clean. While not nearly as efficient as deep rug cleaning, this method will make your rug look and smell good in no time.

Tip #2 Tackle Only Areas That Your Guests Will See

There’s no need to meticulously clean your garage if nobody is going to get a peek inside. Instead, use your already sparse time to scan the future party area for any obvious stains that may garner too much unwanted attention. If you are unsure of where to start, then simply follow the golden rule of party cleaning – wipe only those door frames, kitchen shelves, and other secluded areas that are visible to your tallest guest. Anything above that can wait another day.

Tip #3 Hide All Valuable or Unneeded Items Away

Unless you want to roleplay this year’s Oscar nominations ceremony, your grandmother’s intricate china will be a bit of an overkill. A few packs of festively-themed plastic glasses and plates, on the other hand, will do just fine. So, do yourself a favour and rescue your expensive rugs, glassware, and other items from certain destruction by storing them in “no-party” zones, for instance in your attic or basement. And, while you’re at it, don’t forget to also respect your visitors by hiding your wicker laundry basket and other buzz-killing possessions out of sight.

The Party Phase: What to Do When Celebration Is in Full Swing

The guests have arrived and all glasses are topped up. It’s time to have fun! Well, for the most part. While casually striking conversations left and right, keep a watchful eye for empty bottles, try to prevent potential spillages, and deal with any mess as soon as it lands on your walls or furniture. Your future self is going to thank you for it, especially if you also follow the tips below.

Tip #4 Save the Day – Buy a Roll of Bin Bags

This is one of those rare instances where a small investment can net a significant return. Simply place a large bin bag in every single room and watch as the guests maintain order on their very own! Worst case scenario – you can use the bags to quickly and easily collect and dispose of the rubbish that is haphazardly laying around without spoiling the fun of all the people nearby. Just remember to replace those as frequently as possible to avoid accidental spills.

Tip #5 Don’t Go Overboard with the Sauces

Extensive research shows that tasty sauces are the second most commonly spilled party substance after the ubiquitous alcohol. While this doesn’t mean that your festive menu shouldn’t include any “saucy” meals or dips whatsoever, it’s safer to bet on bite-sized portions of lasagna or fried cheese over a shepherd’s pie. Without any greasy furniture marks or wall splatters to worry about, you will be amazed by how quickly you will deal with your chores on the next day!

Tip #6 Make the Most of Your Dishwasher

A crammed dishwasher is the faulty cog of every party machine. And if you are working with plastic dishes, that is perfectly fine, but give each person an actual glass or plate and chaos is bound to ensue. Especially when half of your guests forget where they’ve left their drinks and grab the nearest glass for a refill. Keeping your dishwasher empty will allow you to organise your kitchen on the go without having to put your rubber gloves on and miss out all the fun.

The Post-party Phase: How to Efficiently Deal with the Aftermath

The party is over. Despite your valiant efforts, a quick look at your kitchen reveals a small-scale battlefield – overflowing waste bins, empty or broken bottles, plates on and under the table, and a few spills for good measure. Act while you can and bribe your leaving guests with sweets and coffee to persuade them to come to your aid. If your prayers fall on deaf ears, then simply go with plan B and follow the tips below to restore the presentable look of your home on your own.

Tip #7 Eliminate Watermark Stains with Petroleum Jelly

No matter how careful you or your guests may have been, your dining table will always end up with at least a dozen or so spills. But the dreaded watermark stains can be defeated. All you need to do is apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on every brightly-coloured ring and leave the paste to dry out overnight. On the following morning, simply wipe the jelly off the table and you will find, to your astonishment, that the stains have magically disappeared from its surface!

Tip #8 Dispose of Glass Shards with a Slice of Bread

Parties are a great way to blow off some steam. However, the chances of somebody knocking down a bottle or two grow higher the emptier said bottles become. When you hear the harsh sound of broken glass, start by sweeping the larger shards from your floor. Then, take the last remaining slice of bread that has miraculously survived your guests’ post-alcoholic snack cravings and gently press it against the surface to safely mop up the remaining small shards.

Tip #9 Hunt Down All Obvious & Hidden Ashtrays

Now that the coast is clear, it’s time to play the hide and seek game of “Who Can Find the Most Cigarette Buds”. Of course, the only person you are going to compete with is yourself, so if the pervading smell doesn’t disappear after you wash all “official” ashtrays, you’ll have to dig deeper. Check all bins, plates, toilets, beer cans, and your mom’s favourite vase for hidden buds. Once you collect and dispose of all hidden cigarettes, use incense or that discounted air freshener that you bought and never used to have your home ready for the next party!

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