4 Easy Ways to Keep Window Blinds Clean

Window blinds or shades look chic, but cleaning them up can be very tiring. Cleaning task isn’t too tough if it is done regularly or in frequent intervals. Some people are too lazy even for that, and for them, maintaining blinds become tougher as the accumulated dust isn’t easy to wash away. So, we have listed four ways to keep your venetians in sparkling conditions. The tips are meant for both types of people – the ones who clean blinds at regular intervals and the ones who prefer to do it just once in a month.

1. Feather Duster for Thin Layer of Dust

Besides helping in furniture dusting, feather dusters can be extremely helpful in cleaning custom blinds too. However, keep a separate one for window shades. A feather duster is sufficient if you clean window blinds daily or after every alternate day. Open the blinds and run the duster between slats. This will pick up dust on both sides. Feather duster easily picks up thin layer of dust and hence, it is effective for regular cleaning.

2. Soft Cotton Glove or Old Sock for Corners

Slats can be easily cleaned with feather duster, but it cannot reach corners. Hence, for corners and edges, you can use a soft cotton glove or an old sock. Put it on your hand. You can use slightly dampened gloves but that is only for metallic slats or slats of synthetic polymers. You can also use a solution of vinegar and water as it is very effective in cleaning slats.

Advantage of using this solution is that it is inexpensive and is safe for most surfaces including metals or plastics. Dip the glove or sock in the vinegar. Shut the blinds and run the glove or sock all over them. Do the same for opposite side.

# Clean Edges

After you’re done, open the blinds. Pinch a slat at its edge between your fingers and then run the glove or sock all along the slat. Do the same for all slats. It could take time, but your blinds would be gleaming.


If your window blinds are made up of wooden slats, then use dry gloves because dampened gloves will leave stains.

3. Vacuum Cleaner for Once-a-Week Cleaning

This is suggested for people who prefer to clean blinds once in a week or after four to five days. First of all, attach soft duster brush with vacuum cleaner’s nozzle. You should not use the nozzle without this brush as it will scratch the slats. Hold the blinds with one hand as this will keep it from banging during cleaning. Shut the blinds and then start moving vacuum cleaner from one side to the other. Repeat the process for the opposite side. In few minutes, your blinds will sparkle.

4. Deep Cleaning

When you’re cleaning blinds after a month or two, the above mentioned processes won’t be helpful as grime would be tough to remove. So if you want to make your blinds look as clean as a new pin, then follow these steps.

– First of all, shut the blinds and remove slats one by one. Follow the instruction manual for slat removal.

– Place slats in warm water. Use your bathtub as it will provide space. You can also use cleaning solutions like dish detergent. Make sure that the slats are completely immersed in water.

– Soak slats for at least half an hour. After that, use a cleaning brush and scrub them gently. Once scrubbing is over, empty the dirty water and run fresh water over them. This process would remove soap residue.

– Hang them over railings and let them dry completely. Follow instruction manual to put the slats properly.

Window blinds are classy shutters, but maintaining them can be tricky. These tips are very effective in cleaning venetian blinds. But, you have to be careful while using them on Roman blinds as they are more delicate.

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