11 Inspiring Living Room Makeover Ideas on a Budget

Is your living room boring? Does the old look make you feel claustrophobic? The living room is the most favorite part of the home where the entire family hangs out and the members share the events of the day or have fun. This is why the interior design of the living room should not be gloomy as it can impart a negative effect on the mind of the family members. The adoption of innovative small living room makeover ideas can really make the most of the space in the living room and transform its ambiance into a dazzling one.

11 ideas to draw inspiration

  1. Groundwork

In order to come up with gender-neutral living room makeover ideas that will complement almost every interior décor, choose creamy latte versions of neutral colors like brown, aqua or gray. Find the trims and paint them white for an exotic look. The white color will refresh the interior of the living space and bring the shelves to life.

  1. Facelift of bookshelves

The built-in shelves can be re-modified to bring out a new look. Remove the shelves and paint the back of the furniture with Kelly Green Three step strie treatment. The best thing that can be done in this section is that you can install new shelves that tend to float. This design will impart a new look to the furniture where the shelves will have a single edge attached to the back of the furniture. The floating shelves will act like ledges with display items on them.

  1. Coffee table makeover

A big coffee table can occupy huge space in the living room. It can be replaced with two round drum tables of African style. The two tables will impart an elegant look in the entire room. Replacing a traditional coffee table with these types of small apartment living room ideas can prove very effective. You do not have to knock your knees whenever you want to move freely. The free space will automatically increase yet will provide ample space for catering food items or beverages.

  1. Seating cum storage unit

The innovative furniture that has storage capacity is a great choice for the living room. The high-density cushions will be perfect. The sofa or storage couch will be a great combination with the round coffee tables. This type of furniture is a low cost interior design for home that utilizes space to seat and store things in a discrete way.

  1. High hanging curtains

Gone are those days when the curtains are hung at the edge of the windows. When they are hung way above the upper edge of the windows, they impart a great look and provide a fullness effect on the interior of the living room.  The flowing and long drapes loom awesome. Try to choose a light color for the drapes to make it even with the wall color.

The selection of particular designs and patterns of the curtains will also make the interior a grand one. Choosing solid colors for the body and stylish patterns for the bottom part of the drapes will be an innovative way to decorate the interior.

  1. Ceiling

The ceiling can be decorated as well in such a way that the room looks bigger. The choice of color and the segregating the vertical space into medium-sized menagerie will do the trick. Besides this approach, the ceiling to floor drapes will aid in the act and impart a deeper feel in the aesthetics of the room. This type of home decor ideas for living room allows the eyes of the guests to roam around way more than the horizontal level and reduces the degree of confinement of vision.

  1. Presenting the amazing photo cubes

Photo cubes are the part and parcel of modern living room ideas that really add an edge to the interior décor of the room. The innovative photo cubes can be arranged to form 6 different images. In fact, you can try to make a collage by mixing up the pieces. These photo cubes are very easy to install and do not demand too much space of the living room.

  1. Choosing lightweight furniture

A choice of heavy furniture can make a living room look clumsy. The visual aesthetics of the room might be ruined when a small living room has a heavily designed furniture is installed. This is why you should go for the lightweight woodcrafts for sober living room decorating ideas. Small scale versions will be perfect that will comply with the interior and provide free space to the room.

  1. Plate art

Add different types of plates that compliment the colour of the walls in a hanging fashion. This style never gets old.

  1. Window seat

The famous TV shows have made the concept of window seats very famous. the concept imparts a great look to the interior as it serves a cozy place to hang out.

  1. Silhouette art

The term is self-explanatory. The artworks have silhouette figures that can be made easily at home. The black paper at the background of the artworks will deepen the effect of the wall colour.


These living room makeover ideas on a budget will surely uplift the internal ambiance of the living room and make your home look adorable.


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